Ready, Set, Transfer Winner

I won the ready, set, transfer event at RE’11 for StakeSource! The event is organised by Daniela Damian and Jane Cleland-Huang to facilitate technology transfer from research to practice.

The session follows the format of Dragon’s Den, where entrepreneurs (I am one of them) get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires. A lot of people turned up – more than I expected.

I got the most claps for all 3 rounds, and the most votes from the audience.

Two of the dragon’s came up to tell me they really liked StakeSource.

As the winner, I received 160k Euros (in the form of a fake cheque) from Jane.

The Seilevel Software Requirements Blog describes this exciting event in detail. It’s a fabulous blog about the event – I couldn’t have done it better!


2 Responses to Ready, Set, Transfer Winner

  1. Fan says:

    You really deserved that 160K! And we were very impressed by your presentation, your web site… Well done!

  2. sooling says:

    Thanks Fan! It was very nice meeting you at RE. I am back in the UK now, I guess you will be back soon too.

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