About Soo Ling Lim

Dr. Soo Ling Lim is the Chief Data Scientist at Braintree Ltd, Honorary Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science, UCL, Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Loja in Ecuador, and Visiting Researcher at the Honiden Laboratory, National Institute of Informatics in Japan and University of Bournemouth. Soo Ling is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in UK and CEO of Kazoova Ltd.

Soo Ling’s research investigates mobile app stores, social networks, and requirements elicitation techniques for large-scale software projects.

Soo Ling received a Ph.D. in large-scale software requirements engineering from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Her Ph.D. research was conducted at UCL from 2008-2010 under the supervision of Professor Anthony Finkelstein. Before her PhD, she was an ERP analyst programmer and a SAP consultant with the Computer Sciences Corporation. She was also a software engineer at CIC Secure, a Canberra-based company specialising in electronic key management and asset security systems. Soo Ling received a Bachelor of Software Engineering degree with first class honours from the Australian National University in 2005.

Soo Ling won various prizes in her career, such as the Ready, Set, Transfer prize from the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, the Most Valuable Team Member Award from the Computer Sciences Corporation, the Prize for Computer Science from the Australian Computer Society, the Dean’s Prize and the Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation from the Australian National University. She was also awarded the “proof of concept” funding from UCL Business for her PhD work.

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