Infographic: Worldwide Survey of Mobile App Users

Many thanks to the 10,000+ people who participated in the survey! Here are the results.

Check out the interactive version of this infographic!



John Sculley

I met John Sculley, former Apple CEO, and here is the proof!


Honiden Lab

This month, I am based at the Honiden Lab, National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo. I am very excited to return to NII and continue our collaboration.

This time I will be involved in a large-scale study on mobile app users from different countries. We are aiming to collect data from the top 15 GDP countries – quite ambitious! The study will reveal interesting mobile app usage behaviour in users in different age groups, cultures, and personality types. The data will also be used to construct a realistic simulation of app users in AppEco.

AppEco in ACM SIGEVOlution

My GECCO’12 paper “How to be a successful developer: lessons from the simulation of an app ecosystem” has been featured in the ACM SIGEVOlution newsletter this month. My paper was chosen out of the hundreds of papers in the GECCO’12 proceedings. I am estatic!

Check out the issue here: SIGEVOlution volume 6 issue 1.pdf.

The newsletter cover, see above, features the social network of app users produced by AppEco!

North America

The past few weeks have been hectic. I just presented AppEco at two conferences in North America, GECCO’12 and Alife13. AppEco generated a lot of interest.

Here is how I depict the four types of strategies used by app developers in my GECCO talk:

Several people took photos of my Alife poster (see below), telling me that they know people who would be very interested in my results. I hope the word spreads!

UCL Bite-Sized Lunchtime Lecture 11th May 2012

I am giving a Bite-Sized Lunchtime Lecture at UCL in May.

Everyone is welcome to attend! Admission is free and details are as follows.

Talk title: How to be a successful app developer

Abstract: It pays to be an app developer. Some of the world’s most recent millionaires made their money from mobile apps. Ethan Nicholas made his million from his iShoot app in less than a year. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, made a revenue of $100 million in 2011. With hundreds of thousands of apps in these online stores, what strategy should a developer use to be successful? Should they try many different ideas, make many similar apps, improve on their existing apps or just copy the apps of others? To answer these questions, we created AppEco, an agent- based model of mobile app ecosystems, and use it to simulate Apple’s iOS app ecosystem and investigate the effectiveness of different developer strategies. This talk presents our simulation, results, and lessons learnt.

Time: Friday 11th May 2012, 13:10 – 13:55

Place: Mully’s, UCL Lewis’s Building, Gower Street (map)

Nearest tube: Euston Square

Any questions?  Email me at

AppEco in New Scientist

My AppEco work has been featured as lead technology story in New Scientist this week!

The story focuses on our forthcoming paper for GECCO 2012, where we investigate the success of different app developer strategies.

The article is available on the New Scientist website here. I have also included the article below.