John Sculley

I met John Sculley, former Apple CEO, and here is the proof!



North America

The past few weeks have been hectic. I just presented AppEco at two conferences in North America, GECCO’12 and Alife13. AppEco generated a lot of interest.

Here is how I depict the four types of strategies used by app developers in my GECCO talk:

Several people took photos of my Alife poster (see below), telling me that they know people who would be very interested in my results. I hope the word spreads!

Visiting Professor, Technical University of Loja, Ecuador

I’ve been invited to be a visiting professor at the Technical University of Loja in Ecuador.

They are organising a workshop on requirements engineering using collaborative tools in May.

I am looking forward to visiting Ecuador and attending the workshop!


I will be visiting Paolo Tonella’s group at FBK, Trento next month!

Before that I will visit the University of Porto in Portugal to attend a medical iphone app seminar.

Round the World Trip

I have finally submitted my PhD thesis!

Now, I can start planning for my round the world trip:

  • Tokyo: invited to NII to trial StakeSource, will also be giving talks about my work at various research labs
  • Sydney: attend the RE conference, visit NICTA
  • Canberra: invited to the Australian National University to give a talk about my work
  • Malaysia: dropping by to visit my family
  • Canada: invited to visit Daniela Damian at the SEGAL research lab for 6 weeks

The whole trip will take 3 months. Quite a lot of travel – all very exciting!