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4 Responses to Publications

  1. Sanusi Hammed says:

    Good afternoon Dr. Soo Ling,
    I sent u message some months back on more details on the use of RALIC dataset which u refered me to your thesis. But, I need you to help me with the ground truth from the RALIC project so as to enable me test how optimal the results from my analysis were using the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms. Thank you for your kind gesture

  2. sooling says:

    Hi Sanusi,

    Please let me know what you need.

    Soo Ling

  3. Sanusi Hammed says:

    Thank you Dr, I am using your Ralic dataset for stakeholder and requirement optimization using particle swarm optimization algorithm and I have implemented d PSO algorithm and have optimized selection of the stakeholders as well as the requirements for the RALIC project. But in testing the level of optimum result obtained, I need to have the ground truth as a means of comparison in order to determine the level and percentage of the optimum result obtained. I would be glad if you can provide me with the details of the ground truth if you have it. Thank you.

  4. sooling says:

    Hi Sanusi,

    You can download the ground truth dataset from:


    Soo Ling

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